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About Us

Peter Maguire is a qualified audiologist with more than 15 years’ experience in public and private practice in Ireland and the UK. After witnessing first-hand, the experience of a close friend dealing with hearing loss, he became driven to provide a high-quality and supportive service for hearing aid users.

Peter launched his Audiology career as an Audiology Assistant with the HSE and later studied his Masters in Audiology at the University of Manchester. He then completed his clinical training in the Liverpool NHS before returning to work with the HSE in Ireland.

Working in the public sector gave Peter the opportunity to deliver people with complex hearing losses the best quality hearing solutions available. He was immersed in the wealth of knowledge and expertise of senior and chief audiologists as well as a real culture and passion for learning. Now, through SmartFit Hearing, Peter is delighted to share the benefit of his experience with you.